The RSL Foundation was created in 2000 to ensure there would be funding available to continue the activities of the RSL at the national level in perpetuity. The Foundation conducts welfare and other activities in the public interest for the benefit of returned and services personnel and the public generally. In 2020, the main focus for the RSL Foundation was providing support, in the form of relief grants, for veterans affected by the bushfire crisis. The Foundation has DGR status, with donations to the value of $5 or more being deductible for income tax purposes.

Please donate to help us support our past and present servicemen and women and their families – no gift is too small to make a difference.


Our mission can be broken down into the following KEY points

  • To provide assistance and care for serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defense Force, along with their dependents. Whether sick, suffering from mental illness, of elderly age, homeless or otherwise in need of relief, the RSL Angeles will be there.
  • To support and assist current serving personnel of the Australian Defense Force at home, abroad and those transitioning to civilian life.
  • To assist current and ex-serving personnel and their dependents to secure compensation, benefits and assistance that they are eligible to receive under the order of law.
  • To contribute to the preservation of the memory, honor and records of those who suffered and died for their country while serving in the Australian Defense Force.


Plus our charter also states, to help the local community, >>>>>